Badges, Patches, Pins, and Awards

**For uniform placement of all badges, patches, awards and pins see pages 24-27 in the AHG Handbook.**

AHG Achievement Badges

AHG helps girls acquire skills that will assist them in all areas of life.  These skills may include how to use a computer, sew on a button, protect themselves, learn about their ancestors or what it takes to be an astronaut.  Girls will learn many skills as they earn AHG Achievement Badges.  The badge program allows them to learn from older girls, and also gives them the chance to teach younger girls!

The American Heritage Girls Achievement Badge Program is divided into six "Frontiers".  These frontiers, when offered together during the year, offer a well-rounded program.  Each badge can be earned at three different levels (Tenderheart, Explorer, and Pioneer/Patriot).
 The six Frontiers of the American Heritage Girl program include:
Our Heritage                Personal Well-Being               Family Living
The Arts                    Science and Technology           Outdoor Skills

Can my daughter work on badges outside of troop time?

Absolutely! While it is not required to do outside badgework, it is highly encouraged!  Oh, and it is always a good idea to check with us to see what badges we'll be doing during Troop time first, so that you don't duplicate.

AHG Service Stars
AHG emphasizes community service!  Service Stars are awarded for community service hours.  In order to receive the Level Award (see below) a Service Star must earned for each year of membership. 
  • Tenderheart-  Service Stars (blue) are awarded.  One star for every 5 hours of community service given. 
  • Explorer-  Service Stars (red) are awarded.  One star for every 10 hours of community service given.
  • Pioneer-  Service Stars (white) are awarded.  One star for every 15 hours of community service given.
  • Patriot-  Service stars (yellow) are awarded.  One star for every 20 hours of community service given. 
Service is meant to be community-oriented; thus, washing dishes in your home should not be used as service hours. Anything your daughter does outside of the home and is not paid for can be considered service. Some examples include, but are by no means limited to: raking leaves for a neighbor, volunteering in the church nursery or at VBS, being a mother's helper, baking cookies for someone, Meals on Wheels, cleaning your church, picking up litter on a hike, serving in a soup kitchen, writing letters to soldiers, and much, much more.

AHG Sports Pin Program
We hope that this program will encourage life long health through exercise. This program is designed to introduce AHG members to both group and individual sports and to encourage teamwork, respect for authority, goal setting and good sportsmanship. Girls may work together on these pins or may participate individually through community and church teams or clubs. The goal is to GET ACTIVE and PLAY SAFE!

To earn a sports pin, girls have to practice, play and learn about rules, safety and equipment, and most of all have fun!

All registered American Heritage Girls from Tenderheart to Patriot can participate in this program. You don't have to be the star player, you just have to try your hardest!  A pin is only earned once, so it can move from a vest to sash.  If a sport is played for many years, colored disks can be earned to wear behind the pin! 
100 extra hours: Red Disk
   200 extra hours: White Disk
 300 extra hours: Blue Disk

AHG currently offers Sports Pins in the following sports: 
Basketball, Bowling,Competitive Swimming, Gymnastics, 
Martial Arts, Running, Skating, Soccer, Softball, Tennis, Volleyball 

Activity Patches can be earned through participating in or attending special events. 

Religious Recognitions
AHG strongly encourages all its members to pursue religious recognitions. These programs serve as a great tool for learning more about the Lord, and growing closer to Him. Religious Recognitions programs are progressive in nature, allowing girls to earn additional medals as they progress through the AHG program. Earning the Religious Recognition for her Church Denomination is required for any girl attaining the Dolley Madison Level Award (prerequisite for the Stars and Stripes Award). This Religious Recognition must be earned during her Patriot years (9th-12th grade). Acceptable Awards for this requirement include:
PRAY - God and Life
NFCYM – Marian (Mary, the First Disciple) or Spirit Alive
MCCS - Giving Servant
EOCS - Alpha Omega
AHG - Spiritual Development Badge

Level Awards 
American Heritage Girls receive Level Awards to recognize their achievements.  All requirements must be met by the end of the third year at each level.  Depending on the level, this award includes badge work, service hours, special events, and service projects.  So be sure to keep track of what you/your daughter still needs to work on in order to get their award!  It takes a lot of hard work, but  if you put your mind to it, you too can proudly wear an award!

Stars and Stripes Award
The Stars and Stripes Award is American Heritage Girls' highest recognition.  Achieving this award requires girls to "spread their wings" and perform a service project that will impact their community for years to come.  This service project will allow them many leadership experiences as well as opportunities to practice time management skills, record keeping, communication and interviewing techniques.

Parents and Troop volunteers play an important role in encouraging girls as they strive toward the Stars and Stripes Award.  Your daughter's Troop Coordinator and/or Unit Leader have a variety of resources to aid in this process.  If your daughter is interested in earning her Stars and Stripes, talk with your Unit Leader!  The sooner you sit down with your daughter and her Troop leadership, the smoother the road shall be. 

Presidential Service Award

To earn an award, individuals, families and groups must keep a record of volunteer activities and hours served. This Record of Service may be kept as a diary, or calendar, in your Service Hour Tally Sheet, or tracked online using the USA Freedom Corps Record of Service. 

Individuals must submit their records along with the Presidential Volunteer Service Award Order Form to “certifying organizations” that will review and verify their records and order and distribute the award. The American Heritage Girls is a “certifying organization” registered with the President’s Volunteer Service Awards. 

To be recognized, service activities should meet national or community needs in the areas of youth achievement, parks and open spaces, healthy communities, and public safety and emergency response. 

Activities should be unpaid and may not include court-ordered community service.
AHG members may work towards this award of merit while earning service stars for AHG. This award pin may be worn on the back of the vest/sash. Talk with your Troop Leader about ordering this award. All activities and hours spent to complete are first approved by the AHG, Inc. before the award is ordered. 

Additionally, eligible volunteer service hours are not limited to those performed on behalf of American Heritage Girls. In fact, service hours can be accumulated through work on a variety of projects throughout the year. The only requirement is that the hours be completed within 12 months; recipients can qualify for a new award each year.